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Performing-Academician.  Dancer.  Choreographer
Author.  Scholar.  Researcher
"Although Sandhya's innovative choreography at times transcends the conventional vocabulary of Bharatanatyam to express the emotional content of their passionate Madhura Bhakti; Brahmanand was a mesmerising production ... " 
Manjari Sinha, The Statesman - New Delhi 
"Sandhya Purecha's ... performance of Abhinaya Darpanam in Bombay gripped the attention of the audience right from the moment the curtains opened on a strikingly traditional stage decor. The intonation of the sacred syllable Aum created a mood of pious devotion."
Shruti Magazine - Madras 
"Sandhya Purecha, the talented disciple of the Acharya and active collaborator in his research work performed the exacting... marathon. The incredible stamina with which she performed drew repeated applause. Her facial expressions were varied and vivid, and the postures statuesque. The other three aspects of Abhinaya viz. vachika, aharya and sattvika were also depicted with equal facility.The programme has succeeded in generating a more serious approach to the study of dance and a higher level of appreciation of the art form.”
Indian Express - Madras
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